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About the Transportation Pooled Fund Program

When significant or widespread interest is shown in solving transportation-related problems, research, planning, and technology transfer activities may be jointly funded by several federal, state, regional, and local transportation agencies, academic institutions, foundations, or private firms as a pooled fund study.

The Transportation Pooled Fund (TPF) Program has existed for more than 20 years. It is a popular means for State Department of Transportation (DOT), commercial entities, and Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) program offices to combine resources and achieve common research goals. Pooling resources reduces marginal costs, and provides efficient use of taxpayer dollars. It also provides greater benefits to participating interests as compared to individual entities conducting or contracting for research on their own.

TPF studies must be sponsored by either a State DOT or the FHWA. Within each State DOT and the FHWA, specified individuals are authorized to create and post a project solicitation on the TPF website. Typically, the authorized user is the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee member in the State DOT. Regional or local transportation agencies, private companies, foundations, and colleges/universities may partner with any or all of the sponsoring agencies to conduct pooled fund projects.

Welcome International Partners

FHWA encourages International participation in Pooled Fund studies. Please click for more information

How to Participate in a Pooled Fund Study

The How to Participate page of this web site provides a detailed set of Frequently Asked Question that describe the various components of the TPF program and how to participate.

Additional TPF Program Resources


Jill Stark is the acting FHWA contact for questions regarding research pooled fund studies and the request to waive the SP&R match requirement for research related studies. Jill can be reached at (202) 366-8870 or

Kenneth Petty is the FHWA contact for requests to waive the SP&R match requirement for planning related pooled fund studies. He can be reached at (202) 366-6654 or

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