What is an Authorized User?

A Transportation Pooled Fund Authorized User has the ability to post and update solicitations and/or commit funds to solicitations by logging in with their user name and password. They also have the ability to maintain study records by updating information, posting documents, and tracking commitments and funding obligations. The three types of authorized users and their basic privileges are:

Typically members of the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee (RAC) will have access to the authorized user section of the TPF website. The current list of AASHTO RAC members can be found at: http://research.transportation.org/Pages/default.aspx. If you are unable to determine the RAC member(s) for your State, please contact the Transportation Pooled Fund Program Manager (PFPM), at support@pooledfund.org for further assistance.

Each State DOT currently has one or more specified authorized users. The approval of additional authorized users from a State DOT is at the discretion of the AASHTO RAC member from that State. The authorized user role and function must be determined prior to granting access. Please check with your State DOT Pooled Fund contact about gaining authorized user access to the TPF web site.

FHWA staff members are granted access to the authorized user section of the website on an as needed basis. FHWA staff who would like to request access to the authorized user section of the TPF website should contact the PFPM (support@pooledfund.org). The approval of authorized users from the FHWA is at the discretion of the PFPM (support@pooledfund.org).

Currently, Transportation Pooled Fund is not supported on mobile devices, please access this Web portal using a desktop or laptop computer.